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[21 Feb 2015|05:24pm]
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[07 Nov 2005|02:27pm]
click ---> http://www.xanga.com/life_is_good_06
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[23 Sep 2005|04:11pm]
life is stressful..colleges..ahh! why do i need to decide my major now!?! im so confused! psychology, marketing, fashion, ahh! there are so many things i like, and i dont know which one to make a career out of! im visting auburn tomorrow. for some reason i feel im gonna love it. lol. it would be to wierd if i was gonna to be in band. cause i know like a ton of ppl that go there. even the drum major! wierd....

anyway, game at roswell tonight! cool....

so, these people are taking down a bunch of these giant trees that are in my backyard. apparently the trees are reallllly dangerous and could fall threw our roof.


NO SCHOOL MONDAY OR TUESDAY! I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<3 kerri <3
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[18 Sep 2005|04:26pm]
Homecoming was AMAZING! This weekend has been awesome! yipee!
so, next weekend.. AMERICAN PIE party! lol! (long story) lol. we really
should all get together and watch it! everyone's invited! lol! ( just gotta check with the rents. lol)

check out more pics and tell me what you think! http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/carebear0376/slideshow?.dir=/1d3d&.src=ph

<3 kd <3
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[16 Sep 2005|03:42pm]
[ mood | happy ]

this has been an AWESOME BIRTHDAY! and the day isnt even 3/4ths over!!! yay!!! thanks to everyone who made it sooooo great! i love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sry, i cant stop smiling!!!

see yall at the game/parade!

<3 kerri <3

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[04 Sep 2005|05:09pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

lost our game, show apparently sucked. i did ok.

so, i went looking for a homecoming dress today... no luck! guys are so lucky.

4 days to the oc premiere that i have to tape cause of band...

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hurricane.... [02 Sep 2005|02:18pm]
[ mood | sad ]

ok, so this katrina thing is absoutley horrible. im praying for everyone affected. god bless. i feel really bad, because my bday is soon and i feel i am being greedy asking for stuff b/c ppl in new olreans and mississippi lost everything. tragidies always happen around my bday. (9/11, hurricane last year, katrina, great grandma death.) i really would like to donate all of my bday money. i am donating a bunch through my dads work, because wachovia will match what i dontate and give it to the red cross.

i have been to new orleans once and had the most amazing time possible with your family. i wanted to go back soon. i cant say much because i personally dont no anyone affected. i feel your pain. i dont want this to sound wrong, but now you know how me and my family felt on 9/11.

and btw, i also feel really bad that i was complaining about gas prices. i realize i can pay and extra 50 cents per gallon while ppl are suffering.

everybody is asking why this happened. honestly, no one knows. but everything happens for a reason and i believe this country will get stronger and closer and everyone will make it through.

<3 kerri <3

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311 kicks ass! [29 Aug 2005|06:50pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

ok, i was lazy yesterday to write about the concert. it was amazing! they are soo much better live than on thier cd. it was a blast! and the ppl behind us were so high. it was so funny to watch!

so i have sooo much stuff to do, that i need a break!
*read a book for gov
*read 2 chapters in gov text book
*do all this easy but time comsuming crap for stat
*memorize promise of living and work on woodwind feature
*college research and maybe start auburn essay
*study for SAT
*get homecoming dress. (not school related, but im a girl and its REALLY important to look good! haha)

it doesnt sound like alot, but it is!! ive been doing all this stuff since about 3 and im not close to done. i wanna get some of it out of the way cause im always to tired after band to think.

i cant get a 311 song out of me head...speak easy...lalala! haha.

ok, i guess this was a long enough of a break.. lol..maybe ill go on aim.. no kerri, get back to work...no! (im not psycho i swear)

<3 kerri <3

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[28 Aug 2005|04:31pm]
311 was the fucking best concert ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[26 Aug 2005|06:23pm]
read xanga http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=life_is_good_06
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are you ready for some fooooooottttttttballlll!!!!!!!!! [20 Aug 2005|09:59pm]
[ mood | good ]


* first of the football game was AWESOME! we won!!! 31- 7 i think! i gotta teach the frosh some dances! lol! the show was ok! i did pretty good but it was shakey. i was allowed to go to waffle house afterwards. 12 is my curfew and i got home at 11:59 baby!

* i am having a hard time figuring out what my parents want of me. everything i do is wrong. i go out to much, i have someone over to much, to less, why are the lights dimmed? door close? blah blah blah! and its always is me not my sister. she can hang out everyday with a boy and its cool! wtf! they always change their rules and crap! its really hard on me. and tomorrow they are going to this molly maids convection to start the company, and my gparents are watching us for 2 days. but i dont understand why i need them cause my parents are making me drive everyone everywhere!!! its crazy! all three of us have 3 things each day at 3 different times! ahhh! thank god its only 2 days!

* anyway, i just got back from babysitting. its was fun. i enjoy most kids. being a parents is gonna be cool before they grow up! lol!

* next weekend is gonna kick ass! no football friday = PARTY!! lol! i wanna play pocker! (not like that!!) and sat is the CONCERT! i cant get an extention on my curfew which sucks b/c they said there would be exceptions, but i can still go and somehow work it out...

* my grandma took us to target (well i took her! lol) its was fun. she bought us all stuff! lol! i got this cool purse! i love it! it doesnt match anything, but wth! i love it!

* so i found out that my best friend in new york and her boyfriend have been going out the exact same time me and mine have! our year anniversary is both oct 16! i think that is the most freakiest thing every! its so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* ok, so life is going pretty well. it could be better tonight, but i needed to make money.



<3 kerri <3

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TGIF! [12 Aug 2005|05:08pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

its finally the weekend baby! yipee!!!!

this was a lonnnng week! ..i know, it was only 3 days....here comes the work!

one week to our first fball game! im excited!

my classes are going pretty well. im starting to hang with this one girl i met at the end of last year. we both agree that it is way more important to decorate our binders instead of doing our physics homework last night!!! i saw david at his.. i mean our locker! that made my day! ( i wasnt expecting to see him) anyway, im kicked out of my house tonight. parents are being gay and saying we always hang here. i think the just want some alone time. (eww. not like that, u prevs!) but im busy for a while, so they better be happy.

so my mom found out that alot of people that dont get into uga go to auburn. (me and my dad have been trying to tell her this all summer!!) lol! im definely appling there but now i think she may even consider it! woot! woot! its everything i want, but the problem is it is out of state... damn hope.. lol. war eagle! (sry, i know i was a former alabama fan.. roll tide!)

its raining again.. like every afternoon in the south! lol! wow the day feels so much longer when u get out at 1:30!! haha! mauhaha!

<3 kerri <3

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"When September Comes" [09 Aug 2005|01:03pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

ok... 19 hours and counting!

im gonna cry (not really) but tomorrow this my LAST FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! (college is different)
my 13th year leaving in the morning hoping i have good teachers and cant wait to see my friends! wow! the countdown until graduation begins! ahh! i never thought it would be my turn! but this is my year!

i finished my summer reading! go me! and now i have to babysit! im getting payed good today, so im so willing too play with them! lol.

what should i wear tomorrow??? lol!

<3 kerri <3

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[07 Aug 2005|02:48pm]
im sick of my summer reading book.. so ill update! im reading the time machine and it just got reallly lame!

anyway, last night was amazing! i saw dukes of hazzard (dont waste your money). but then i hung out with david and talked. i really enjoy just talking. now im not so sacred about the future... im ready to face it! just something he said made me realize its gonna be ok!

i hate rainy days! it makes me so sleepy!

i want school to start, but my life at home is about to change dramitically. my parents are starting a molly maids business. (dad used to work for southtrust, now is gonna be laid off) so they are gonna be extemely busy and i have to be the permandent babysitter. sucks for me. but im kindof excited for my parents. its gonna be a struggle but hey, free maid service for us! lol.

<3 kerri <3
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[31 Jul 2005|03:11pm]
[ mood | awake ]

This one time at band camp….

im done with band camps forever!!! Haha! Yes! Oh baby!

It was so much fun, but im really glad its over. The music and the drill is so much easier than last year, which is a good thing! Now here comes school.. which I am dreading…

High school is so artificial and I cant wait to leave it! I wish the whole band was a school. Because all the “fake crap” doesn’t matter. No social status and everyone is nice. Since im dumb, I get stuck with all the popular bitches in my classes. They give me dirty look, no joke! And its just because we are in school.

TRUE STORY: this girl hates me, and was pissed we got paired up for a project. She complained the whole time and was a jerk to me. So this summer I went to visit gsu and guess who happened to be there! That girl! Weird! But she was really nice and our parents talked and we compared and we interested in the same aspects of the college. I concluded that the high school atmosphere makes these people like her act that way.


College is gonna be hardcore baby where ever I go! Rock on!

My best friend from b’ham is coming this week! Yippee! I wanna go to six flags Friday with a group and her. Tell me if you wanna come! She wants to meet my friends!

Anyway, this one time at band camp I got a fortune cookies that said “you are analytical in bed” haha


<3 kerri <3

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[24 Jul 2005|11:14am]
[ mood | awake ]

hey everyone! band camp starts today! oh so much fun! im a little bit excited. but more relieved. i thought having my sis in the same band would be horrible. but i hardley even notice she is there. i do hate when people tell me we look alike, but what the hell.

my parents have been real jerks lately, but they are just trying to protect me, but as a teenage i translate that as they dont want me to have any fun...damn curfew...and a dad who wanted to be a cop and is in security... ill rant about this later

i gotta go to church then band...i wont be able to update for at least a week... but im gonna get through band camp and look foward to SAM COMING! yipee!!!!!
well, ttyl

<3 Kerri <3

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hey everyone [23 Jul 2005|07:07pm]
hey, i still have my lj...but i have a xanga now! sorry, but i will write in both! check is out and tell me what you think! http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=life_is_good_06. or search for me : life_is_good_06 at xanga.com! thanks!
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summer... [15 Jul 2005|04:32pm]
[ mood | high ]

so summer is almost over! ahh! band starts monday! ahh! w/e.
so i went to the dmb concert wed. it was awesome! so i have done most everything i wanted to do this summer! i also baby sat alot!!! i was barely in town, but when i was, i was working. i made a lot of money! and the best part is that it is all cash! yipee! anyway... im almost kindof 17! haha! i know, im young! w/e!

i gotta go get my summer reading book (procrastinating....) and get gas! fun! btw.... any baseball fans out there.. Mets AND Yankees won last night! (mets vs braves and Yankees vs boston)

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[01 Jul 2005|06:29pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Hey everyone! Im back!!!!!! Did you miss me?? I was in CANADA for a while! It was Amazing!!! We went up to the CANADAIN ROCKIES! The metric system is weird!! It was 9 degrees Celsius! Haha~! Whatever that is! The money is so weird! And so are the people! (but a cool weird!) the mountains are beautiful!! We even went on a GLAICER!!! Yup! I saw snow!! Wow! Here are some pics! Pics of my trip!Collapse )

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summer night... [05 Jun 2005|03:09pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i always have these false ideas of how things will be which isnt reality and i get upset when the time comes. summer is suppose to be time to hang out with all your friends and chill. these last weeks have been awesome but the next ones are gonna be to busy. we are going to new york and my dad wont stay an extra day to go upstate. his company is "offically" being taken over the day we get back, so he kind of has to go to work! bye bye southtrust... anyway, the week we get back me and my sister are going to n.c. to hang out with my grents and aunt/uncle/cousin and beach! lol! my grent are so funny! but they have dial up! lol! then we get back for a day, then cananda! which is the offically biggest trip my family has ever been on! we are flying to salt lake then up to calgary! im excited! but my family is alittle messed up. my family there dont have a t.v. my aunt was a hipee! they are so cool thought! its wierd.. dont ask.. then we get back and its july. so bama has band... but i wanna go there. samantha has to visit, she doesnt have band, so she doesnt have an excuse. than 2 weeks into july is pre-camp, so summer is over. david is going away when i get back, which sucks, so pretty much summer is over! crap.. when do have time to do all the stuff on my summer list! ahhh! see, i was picturing summer to be a certain way that isnt reality. and on top of all this, my parents are pissed at me. they bought my bro a skate ramp and my sisters a skateboard today. wtf! w/e. i didnt get anything and started to bitch b/c its fucking human nature to compare! ahhh! w/e!

sorry, i needed to rant...

i took tha SAT's again saturday. i hope i did better than the last one.. which is pretty easy to do.. the essay was SOO much easier to write about! i even used a niffty quote. lol im so nervous b/c i thought my score was ok..but about 7 people i talked to did soo much better than me! opps... does anyone know how to convert your score to the old on????

i g2g, im going to church soon, which is a good thing i guess... i need to chill... bye

♥ kerri ♥

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